Efficient Operations, Save Money, Achieve Targets

 We built our customer centric approach in software solutions on the above 3 pillars that enable the business to grow faster and steady. 
Today business climate needs efficient operation, this is why Techno Town always rely on cloud solutions that will eliminate the risk of IT system operations yet it gives the company full control on data and data security.
Techno Town understands the tough economy situation for all companies in all industries across all tiers and segments, so we build our solutions with money saving as a big factor in our mind. We re-engineer your processes then implement our systems according to best fit process according to regulations and culture.
As our solutions act as business enabler so we put in mind targets and how to achieve them in all levels operations. We put in mind the data with no analysis can't enable achieving the targets. Our solutions enable decision making with a set of dynamic information and analysis.

As we target the business automation, Techno Town is targeting the following sectors:

  • Trade.

  • Hospitality.

  • Construction.

  • Real Estate.

  • Manufacturing.

  • Health Care.

  • Education.

Great Business Value

ERP Next will show you how ERP is part of your organization business value.

Better Cost Control

Enabling the cost control with few simple clicks of buttons. which will dramatically increase revenue.

Perfect Decision Support

ERP Next reporting will help you to take the perfect decision in the proper time.

Learning is fun

Moodle gives the educational environment the concept of fun in learning.

Quick and Easy

Educational process will be easy from teacher side and from Student side. No pain in courses preparation or studying.

Perfect Evaluation

Evaluation Process became very handy which will save time and cost in learning process.